Ivan S. Maidanski
                       E-mail: ivmai@mail.ru

High education:
    Sep  1994  -  Jun  1999 -- the Moscow State University, Computer
Science   department.   The  graduation  diploma  with  distinction,
"Applied mathematics" speciality, "Mathematician, system programmer"
    Oct  1995  -  May  1997 -- the "High Computer School" college at
the Moscow State University. The graduation diploma.

Knowledge of languages:
    Java  --  Borland  JBuilder  v3.0,  Microsoft  Visual  J++ v6.0,
packages: JDK1.3, JBCL, JGL, Swing, JavaBeans, RMI -- 3 years;
    C/C++ --  Turbo C  v3.0,  Borland C++  v4.5,  Symantec C++ v6.0,
Watcom C/C++ v11.0, MS Visual C++ v4.2, GNU C++ -- 7 years;
    Pascal -- Borland Pascal v7.0, Delphi v2.0 -- 10 years;
    Assembler i486 -- Turbo Assembler v4.0 -- 14 years;
    HTML/SGML, CSS -- HTML 4.0 tags, CSS1 -- 4 years;
    CGI, Perl -- 3 year;
    SQL/QBE -- 5 years.

OS knowledge:
    MS DOS v3.3 - v7.0 -- system developer -- 11 years;
    MS  Windows  3.11,  98, NT 4.0, 2000 -- applied developer (win32
API) -- 7 years;
    Novell Netware 3.0 -- system administrator -- 6 years;
    Unix/XWindow  (FreeBSD)  -- administrator & applied developer --
6 years.

Programming skills:
    System programs development for DOS (including TSR and drivers);
    Client-server programs development using TCP/IP and SPX/IPX;
    System engineering of computer safeguards using crypto-methods;
    Programming under UNIX and XWindow, knowledge POSIX API;
    Graphic programs development for DOS and Windows;
    GUI programs designing and implementation for MS Win & XWindow;
    Experience of computational methods implementation;
    WWW resources development experience.

Theory knowledge:
    Cryptographic  protocols  --  SSL,  SSH,  SHTTP,  SKIP,  Kerb --
reliability, vulnerabilities, implementation methods;
    Attacks, vulnerabilities and safeguards in the distributed OS'es
and network applications;
    Russian & international standards for computer security -- GOST,
    Cryptographic algorithms for data ciphering, digital signatures,
hash-functions,  random  number generators -- standards, application
methods, effectiveness, widespread attacks;
    Steganography -- cavert channels and watermarks;
    E-commerce -- digital cash theory;
    Java systems security.

Awards in programming:
    Apr  1998  --  The  first  place  in the Moscow State University
Collegiate Programming Contest.

Conferences reports:
    Apr  1998   --  "IT security  management automation technics and
means",  report at the conference of  the post-graduate students and
teachers "The Lomonosov Readings-98" at the Moscow State University.

Additional information:
 Native language -- Russian;
 Foreign language -- English (spoken & technical, good knowledge).